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Information for Live Session Guests

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In our free weekly internet broadcast of Live Sessions for web and IT issues, competent guests are more than welcome! Every Thursday, in our broadcasts, we discuss interesting issues like corporate communications and collaboration with wikis and enterprise 2.0 concepts, social media facets as well as interesting new tools and web technologies.

Do you have particular know-how in specific areas, that you would like to share with viewers? Do you have a new tool or an innovative method that is special to you? Or are there specific problems or challenges about the web, that you would like to discuss publicly? You are welcome to determine subject, agenda and process.

Guests, that would like to participate in the live sessions remotely

On site guests in Wiesbaden

Advantages of live sessions with //SEIBERT/MEDIA

45 minutes for your pet subject


Show and follow-up

English examples of live sessions

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