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Jira Agile 5.8 and Rapid Boards

The product GreenHopper has been rebranded at August 29th 2013. This video was taken before that time, so the reference is still GreenHopper. However we switched the name GreenHopper to Jira Agile in the text of this site, so people can find it in our wiki.

On Tuesday, the 11th of october the Jira Agile team and their product manager Nicholas Muldoon will show off their new version of Jira Agile 5.8 and their new Rapid Board solution with //SEIBERT/MEDIA.

Download this video (MP4, 183 MB)

Questions for Nicholas Muldoon and his team

Paper and agile teams

Perception of the task board

Features of the Rapid Board and Jira Agile


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