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Live-Session - The Connector between Jira and Salesforce

Diese Live-Session in englischer Sprache fand am 8. März 2012 um 11:15 Uhr wie immer auf unserer Live-Session-Portalseite statt.

NextGen is CustomWare's framework built to facilitate and standardize the various connectors between Jira and other systems. The Salesforce connector is the most matured connector built on this framework. In this live session, Bo Wang (CustomWare) and Martin Seibert will discuss the features available to the end users of Jira and Salesforce after the connector has been set up and configured.

Recording of the Live Session

Download this video: Part 1 (MP4, 244 MB)

Download this video: Part 2 (MP4, 196 MB)

Jira Functionality

Create Salesforce Objects from Jira

There are a variety of reasons why an end user may wish to create a Salesforce object from a Jira issue. Primary reasons would be convenience and economical. Jira users may not have access to Salesforce or perhaps Salesforce is not part of their workflow at all.

The connector allows a Jira user to create Salesforce objects in the following ways:

Link Jira issues to Salesforce Objects

Pull Changes from Salesforce

Push Changes to Salesforce

Push a Comment from Jira to Salesforce

Salesforce Functionality

Create Jira Issues from Salesforce

Synchronizing Salesforce Data with Jira

Viewing Related Jira Issues

A Salesforce object could be linked to multiple Jira issues through a variety of ways:

Further Information about the Connector

Further Information about NextGen

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