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Yammer-Integration in Confluence

If you are using Yammer as a ??microblogging solution and Confluence as a wiki you can use Yammer Embed or other technologies to integrate both systems. This page shows you, what //SEIBERT/MEDIA can do for you in terms of professional services and solutions.

'Yammer-ification' of Confluence with Yammer Embed

For your budget planning


Ball park figure

Strategic consulting and concepts

1680 Euro

Design implementation of Yammer Embed in Confluence Theme

1600 Euro

Technical implementation of Yammer Embed in Confluence Theme

2000 Euro

Deployment from test system in your live environment

2000 Euro

Project management & documentation

1600 Euro

Total sum

8880 Euro

You only pay what you get. All services we offer here will be billed based on time and materials. If you only need some consulting in the beginning or implementation help, you will only be billed for that. No setup fees or minimum charges involved.

Our services include the following actions


Not included:

Yammer Embed is available for customers who run the Yammer Enterprise plan and actually pay for Yammer. If you are on the free plan, Yammer Embed is not available for you.

Further info about "Wiki-Design"

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